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Often times, when a makeup client over 40 years old sits down in my chair or books a makeup lesson, the concerns and complains are similar across the board. Skin changes as time marches on and with that, your needs and wants for your makeup also shift. What worked for your makeup routine at 25 years old may no longer be flattering at 55 years old. Powders, matte foundations, etc. can be problematic and unflattering. This is where Evolution Beauty comes in. 


🌷Goal: As a derivative of Splendid Beauty By Eden, this program will focus on guiding mature women in catering to their specific cosmetic needs as well as teaching how to make products the multi-task in your makeup routine. This will cut down on time and cost but will also be flattering aesthetically. 


🌷 Behind The Name : With the women in my family aging and finding the need to change products to best suit their current needs and wants, my mother was my “test subject” when it came to trying to find skin care and cosmetic solutions to the new age bracket she and others were entering. She encouraged me to focus on mature skin as this can be a very discouraging subject. Looking in the mirror and seeing a different set of concerns and not knowing how to properly address them can cause a loss of confidence. As your face goes through it’s “evolution” with time and gravity, beauty does not have to be a thing of the past!